One of your questions as home owners that flooring installers are coming across more and more often is: How do I get my new floor to match my furniture? While it may seem strange to some, you have a particular taste in furniture, and if you’re looking into a new vinyl flooring installation you’d like them to work together in making your home look great.

Here are three things to consider when matching your furniture and flooring:

1. Materials and colours

Modern furniture and décor trends are increasingly focused on materials. Among the most popular are vividly green plants and furniture that makes use of concrete and wood combinations. So, let’s call these the materials.

Your concrete/wood combo furniture already blends both dull grey and richer shades of brown, which is offset by the vivid green of the plants. Thanks to laminate flooring installers having access to floors printed to look like virtually anything, you can opt to have vinyl installed that looks like grey-toned wooden planks. That way you have a floor that matches both the colours and materials of your décor and furniture perfectly.

2. Patterns

If you have very uniform and plain furniture that you really like, but you’d also like to add some flair to the room, vinyl flooring installers have the solution yet again. The ancient Greeks and Romans made extensive use of patterns all over their structures, and many of these patterns provide the very elements that you need to bring your rooms to life. Whether you want daringand loud or rhythmic and peaceful patterns, in bold or simple colours, you can pick and choose.

3. Texture

An increasingly popular aspect of both vinyl and laminate flooring is the range of textures available to them. This is especially handy if you have a lot of antique, solid wood furniture, for instance, or if your décor has a particular trend towards natural authenticity. With your flooring textured to resemble to feel of wood or stone, you can achieve that authenticity without needing to spend a fortune on raw materials. What’s more, you get to keep your favourite furniture and décor items through the renovation/installation.

The key to tying it all together: expert installation

It’s fun to think of putting vinyl or laminate flooring in as a DIY project, but for best results we strongly recommend getting the experts in. With their years of experience and dedication to their craft, professional vinyl installers like those at FLOORIN are definitely the way to go.