Via onderstaande instellingen kunt u aangeven welke cookies u wilt accepteren. Oriental Motor offers a wide range of motion control products to meet a wide range of applications, select the appropriate application type below. As you can see the 2-phase motor produces much more vibration. There are a number of ways to drive a stepper motor and the drive greatly affects the motor’s performance. This results in the motor taking smaller steps.

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Axial Fans Axial Fans.

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Accuracy has two components, electrical and mechanical. So these factors contribute to the accuracy of the motor. ATB Automation maakt gebruik van cookies om de website goed te laten functioneren. Search by Item Number. The torque ripple causes vibration so the greater the difference, the greater the vibration.

The second difference between 2-phase and 5-phase is the number of phases. The more the motor vibrated the greater the voltage generated.

A 2-phase motor has ztappenmotor phases, an “A” phase and a “B” phase, while a 5-phase motor has five phases. Enclosure Fans Enclosure Fans. Voorzien van digitale processor met positioneersoftware.


A motor will lose synchronism or miss a step when the teeth on the rotor don’t line up with the correct teeth on the stator. Torque is only produced when the tangential component is present.

Stögra stappenmotor en vermogensregelaar – ATB Automation

Now it’s time to decide, 2-phase or 5-phase? Terms and conditions apply. Microstepping not only provides a higher resolution, it also ensures smoother operation, lower vibration and less noise than other drives. The magnetic flux can be broken into two vectors, one normal and one tangential. What will cause the teeth not align properly? Each phase of the motor contributes the sine-shaped torque stappenmtoor curve to the total output torque of the motor illustrated below.

Structurally, the 5-phase stepper motor is not that different from the 2-phase motor. Houd er rekening mee dat door niet alle cookies te accepteren een deel van deze websites niet goed zal kunnen werken. Any electrical error caused by imbalances in the phases is negated every 4th step in a 2-phase and every 10th step in a 5-phase, leaving only mechanical error. Kies hieronder uw instelling: Wij leveren draaikranslagers stappenmotir, schudelementenkettingspanners en riemspanners uit voorraad en we hebben tevens kegelwielkastenservoreductoren en elektromechanische actuators fass ons assortiment.


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This results in the motor taking smaller steps. Electrical error is caused by phases being out of balance. Free Shipping for Online Orders.

Click here to e-mail us For Japanese: Stappenmotor SM Flens mm. ATBAutomation Bedankt voor de lekkere stol!

Stögra stappenmotor en vermogensregelaar

stapenmotor As the motor vibrates the voltage generated was graphed. We refer to this torque as negative because the torque is trying to pull the teeth back into the stable position. ATBAutomation Wij wensen al onze volgers fijne feestdagen toe! In order for this to happen the rotor must have either overshot went past the correct stator tooth or undershot not moved stxppenmotor enough to line up with the correct stator tooth by more than 3.