I downloaded the Prism driver you mentioned from binaervarianz. Changes uninstall script to request admin password before beginning first step. Buying the DLink is a much better, cheaper, and safer alternative. One more important note: I’ve seen the Linksys I was able to see both of my access points in the wireless utility.

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Apr 5, 3: If I go to the Ralink RT chipset page at http: You can now switch to DHCP only. I couldnt get mine to work, but it picks up the network etc.

New Install or Upgrade: Not sure if you d-libk this out or not, but I was running into the same problem with a bondi rev A iMac running The dongle connects, but you don’t have internet yet.

Please kinkdly help me if you guys know what’s wrong with it. Log into the router from another machine and see if you can find the IP address of the dongle.


I should have read all the comments! I hope this helps.

I ended up sending back the C1 version and getting the B1 version again, with the same results. I would like to know which os you are using becaue when you call dlink support they tell you they have yet to prove that it works on anything higher then I downloaded the most recent drivers for the chipset 1. There is a very fast electronic switch in the card that connects the antenna to either the transmitter or receiver, depending on what it wants to do, but never both at the same time.

D-Link Support Resources

Would all of these still work on Mac OS I mwc no Airport card installed on this machine. I gave up for months. Using it now and it surfs apparently quicker than if I was direct wired to my cable modem go figure. Download and unzip version 1.

Apr 26, 8: I don’t know what wrong is with the G Added French localized variant to all components. Suggest other similar software suggested. This was very much plug and play for me on my g4.


Plus, keep all your apps updated.

D-Link DWL-122 with Mac OS 9

I’m using version 1. In which case theres still hope through this driver. Apr 11, 7: I’ve seen the Linksys Corrects problem where changing WEP key index to incorrect key would not show errors. News from Macworld Lyft for Work challenges Uber for Business in the battle for corporate dollars Let the right one in: I would be interested in more information or sources on the potential damage issue.

D-Link DWL USB Wireless Adapter – Apple Community

Fixes problems when wrong admin password entered during uninstall. The DWL-G does not work. Fixes translation errors in French resources.