It has a clearly smoother finish. Called as stated before the DS ID. At first glance they seem identical but they physically aren’t. It must have made an impression as it too won an award, namely the Zero1 Award. The camera itself is pretty heavy and looks very sturdy in it’s ‘full aluminium jacket’. The cameras all had x pixel resolution, USB interface and a webcam feature.

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Soon they were to discover that there was no suitable digital camera that matched their purpose. Dc5226 ‘s second consumer digital camera. Because their appearance was totally identical I only feature one picture here and that tiny picture of the green model was the only one I could find that actually was labeled with Achiever.

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Nifty owners could also mount an external TFT video monitor on top of the camera. Due to the rise of the multi-coloured Macintosh computers, these cameras were available in different body colors even transparent.

Not much to say here that we don’t already know. Most of these OEM models don’t have a label so it’s hard to tell them apart. Something the Nikon CoolPix also could. It could take pictures rapidly with only 0.


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A total of 5, units were produced. Camera bundled with monitor and internal transmission capabilites as a reaction to the demands of the business community.

It is uncertain whether Polaroid also offered the transmission capabilites or not. Their first and only digital camera.

It is strange that Pentax also showed interested in canera camera and marketed it as the EI after having cameea the EI and EI All together they had a lot in common and were marketed at almost the same time. It must have made an impression as it too won an award, namely the Zero1 Award. At first glance they seem identical but they physically aren’t. The marketed VDC differs from the others in design.

The TCE was sold in latin america only. In Japan, Fujifilm marketed these cameras under the label Clip-it. A so called dual camera.

Maybe the industry recognized that such a camera could not survive on the booming digital camera market. This camera was quite heavy although it was made entirely of plastic.

Umax and Mitsubishi were apparently the only licensees to market this one. Mustek stands for M ost U nique S canner Tec hnology.


The Konica Q-M was again only marketed in France. This camera was actually a bulky, plastic lightweight with a cheap finish and no TFT screen. Ricoh released this camera after the Ricoh RDC-1 S was well accepted on the market and reviews were good.

It was a short-lived moment as Philips was about to abandon their entire digital camera line. They labeled it PhotoWise and launched it with their ePhoto and ePhoto They underwent some changes in company structures, created spin-offs like Pictos Technologies Inc.

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Inside it was completely the same as the Finepix camera. There are two things however that make this camera rather special. But Pretec also made this model here and labeled it DC as well! Some also had more features, some less. No other variations have surfaced so far.