Prolific usb to serial comm port driver download windows 7. I am calling the port. I use SerialPort Terminal …. I have written a program that sends commands to and receives the responses from a serial device. Thanks for your help.

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Can you tell me if there ueb2serial something missing in your source code? I just wrote a simple program to send a byte array from PC to reader and the reader will send back another byte array to the PC. Please tell me how to solve the problem? You can also use System.


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SerialPort (RS-232 Serial COM Port) in C# .NET

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SerialPort (RS Serial COM Port) in C# .NET – #region Coad’s Code (Noah Coad)

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But when i press again the button1, only the reader can receive the data from PC, but PC cannot receive any data from reader, the richTextBox1 showing 7 bytes of We were welcomed and handled most graciously. Problem is when I started using the bytethreshold property and if I hit the send command for a second time the data in the array comes back isnt in the order it should be. This not only was pivotal in helping me work through what I am currently trying to do but it has me excited about starting a few pet projects in the coming weeks.

Or more likely, it could be any diak of separate triggers of the DataReceived up to the number of bytes receivedfutre 4 triggers, first with 2 bytes, then uwb2serial bytes, then 1 byte, then 12 bytes.