People having used the 64bit systems claim overall speed increases. You can find information about that in the corresponding sections of this wiki -page. Many people don’t like the Apple default of “fn-always-on”. Windows will not be able to see more than these 4 partitions, and the gentoo gentoo live too if you don’t launch parted and modify the partition scheme this will cause issues with grub installation. With these new settings I seem to be getting the same behaviour as with my old settings. It was tested on a CoreDuo MacBook, with the mini-dvi to vga adapter, and worked perfectly. And when i kill the Xserver i see that it printed out the error EE I 0:

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If you need to use your line in AND your mic, then in the gwntoo code block replace the “0xF0” value with “0xE” so that it reads:. If you, however, use an older version of splashutils and, for some bizarre reason, stubbornly refuse to update it, please use the instructions below. This method is often reported as working quite bad frequent loss of connection, WPA not working If you need to reset your password, click here.


Fbsplash will also work on other distributions. Initramfs is a part of a bigger concept called ‘early-userspace’, says Spock.

One strength of Gentoo is the ability to use global flags for code optimizing. It’s caveat however is that some drivers and applications are 32bit only and sometimes bit emulation doesn’t work.

tyamada22のブログ:EeePC に Gentoo を入れる

As of this writing the latest kernel tested is 2. On my Macbook, this didn’t work first.

Such behaviour is normal. This ‘hibernate’ feature provides a very simple transition between workspace platforms. Also check out the Links section of this page for some additional resources.

Is that generally required when doing a kernel change these days? If the Gentoo boot scripts doesn’t i10 you can connect manually.


Gnetoo instructions on installing the bootloader, see the Gentoo Handbook. You can also compile the driver into the kernel, of course. The results of attempting to follow the thread have left me with these modules: Every other fb i801, including vesafb-tng, rivafb, radeonfb, In between HAL versions hal Linux – Distributions This forum is for Distribution specific questions.

Does this have anything to do with the Xserver? This partition will be divided to create a partition s for the Linux install. Reboot and use the rEFIt partitioning tool to resync your partition tables. Help answer threads with 0 replies. Example files These are the make. Anyone know how to fix this? Removing the equals sign and version will install the latest version.


If sound from the internal speakers still l810 work, you can try one other change from MactelLinux. You can fix this by executing in X:. This gentlo is gwntoo last under Loadable Module Support. It was tested on a CoreDuo MacBook, with the mini-dvi to vga adapter, and worked perfectly. Reiser file system sometimes call Reiser3 is a file system introduced to the kernel in They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.

At this point, things mostly progress the same as the Gentoo Handbookstarting with creating the filesystems.

Now you can reboot the gentoo livecd chroot to the target like explained in the handbook.