With sealed headphones you can use the sealed chamber of the ear cup to contain the pressure of the long low-note wavelengths and boost the bass some. My primary headphone amplifier currently is a Schiit Ragnarok. This innovative 56 millimeter diameter driver is one of the largest used in dynamic headphones. Over-Ear Open Headphones Reviews. Some of them I liked s, s, s , some of them I didn’t s, s , and with all the wild reports of these being everything from transcendent, to harsh or sibilant, I really didn’t know what to expect.

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I’ve heard differences in headphone cabling for years; I really think you guys are underestimating the subtlety of human perception.

HD (S) Ultimate Mod | Super Best Audio Friends

Can barely tell they’re there. With regards to cabling.

Do you have any idea how badly designed a cable would have to be to have an effect on the audio signal over three meters? With typical dome driver headphones, the sound source is very close to your ears, and the wavefront is still fairly spherical when it hits you outer ear. Earlier this year a new version arrived, the HD S, the main external differentiator being a change from grey to black for the skeletal shell of aviation-grade plastic that surrounds the gleaming silver inner cover.

You just need to do a blind test to confirm it. Innovative, ergonomically designed ear cup frame is crafted of Leona, an ultra-lightweight, non-resonant material with titanium like strength.


And like any of the best of the best they WILL sound like the entire audio chain that feeds them. Likewise for the treble distortion, which appears to have improved, is actually the same. Bottom line, if you think cable difference is a rinb, go right ahead, there are top recording and mastering engineers that have probably done more top rated albums than you have and THEY say THEY hear a difference enough to spend GOBS of money rewiring their studios.

The open back design architecture contributes to exceptional clarity, detail and dynamics.

Custom colored HD 800

What are they then? There’s a problem loading this menu right now. People have performed blind tests some one else swapping the cables and the person listening being hopefully and allegedly unaware of what the cable used is, and I don’t think they did well at telling those apart, suggesting the difference is indeed all placebo over shiny and expensive. Then you ABX guys can rant to your hearts content.

I have a twenty thousand dollar stereo system, and if I had to, I could sell it all, and be happy I had these Sennheisers. Hi tyler two questions I have from here in uk: Us headphone fanatics are looking for what goes in the empty space.

Fixed and thanks again.

Kudos to Sennheiser for recognising that audiophiles really “can’t handle the truth” and offering a more palatable alternative. I’m not that stupid.

Let’s yd800 make that an Submitted by MayaTlab on February 19, – 4: I’ve auditioned the HD a couple of times but this makes me want to give it another try. So we all rkng await the results to verify it’s indeed not placebo in favour of the prettier looking cable in the form of whatever magical properties one thinks it should possess or is perhaps told by the seller it should possess.


I’ve run into audio engineers that also thought NS were uncolored reference speakers, and then I run into experienced mastering engineers that think that NS’s are worthless garbage. Thought it was moving freely. You nailed it Tyll!

Sennheiser HD S headphones REVIEW | Sound+Image | Review | AVHub

Thank you Sorrodje, indeed Purrin’s measurements show that your mod does not affect distortion. Over-Ear Open Headphones Reviews. On the issue of EQ, I know you are aware of its phase, etc. This website started out with great promise and has delivered since day one. Science cannot explain everything, therefore my placebo-induced delusion must be physical in nature, “hehehe”!

At the top of the sine wave, high pressure enters the bottle, which then bounces of the inside of the bottle at the resonant frequency, and the high pressure returns to the opening of the bottle one half wavelength later. Guess curiosity and hs800 have to stop somewhere I suppose.