But I doubt it can win. The board uses a three-phase impulse voltage stabilizer which together with high-capacity LowESR capacitors provides high stability even in modes different from the rated ones. The A7N is equipped with an ACR expansion card which can back up the sound subsystem integrated into the south bridge – the board has outputs for a 5. Take a look at the following cropped selection from the Sandra Memory Bandwidth benchmark. There is lots of space around the CPU socket so you can install larger heatsinks and the memory is readily accessible. The floppy connector is horizontally aligned in the bottom right sector of the board and while that’s not a problem for me anymore since I don’t use a floppy drive, it might be annoying for some.

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The boards are gonna come with a C-Media audio controller, but such boards will lack an ACR expansion card. C is really faster somewhere the fact that such result is the only of this kind proves that its “fast” function is made use of in no in real programs. The MCX is one of the larger sinks available at 80mm so any popular sink of sane dimensions will fit without issue.

The AGP connector has a clip to fix a video card. ASUS has released one more excellent product, but its too high price will scare away a great many users, taking into account a little breakaway in speed from its competitors.

Both run quite far out of specification and while many graphics cards are happy at The CPU speed can only haul the performance up so much before the low memory performance drags it back down.


The board could be oddly shaped and arrive in a brown paper bag bound with string as long as the performance was up to scratch.

Iwill XP333 – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – ALiMAGiK 1

Bundle and Iwlil The presentation of the board was above average and it’s nice to see companies making the effort on their boxed boards that are available from retailers. An incompatibility with the Samsumg module I was using is most likely and something to look out for.

By the way, it is just my assumption what was the cost of a faster memory controller? It certainly wasn’t bad performance, just not the huge performance some might lead you to believe. Again the CPU has to work hard to scrape any increase at all at high resolution since the memory bandwidth reduction doesn’t help. The results of 53 and 42 seconds are exactly what we were expecting and shows that the CPU runs unhindered on the board.

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As we expected, the lower resolutions are helped more by the increase in bus clocks and as the graphics card is made to work harder as the resolution increases the performance increase gets smaller But this board does look finished because of high-quality soldering and excellent design. Whatever the configuration, the board has been designed from the outset for the overclockers with IWill even consulting hardware websites on the features, specification and the resulting choice of the ALi Magik 1 chipset.

The means that the results you will see are from 2 performance points. The layout is good except the fact that audio-ins are located right in front of the PCI slots. So let’s take a look at sp333 board! Still, motherboard manufacturers stayed away from ALi except for Iwill that is.


The board passed all our tests and left a pleasant impression. All other specifications are the same as in the MAGiK 1. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

The nForce D has stable results everywhere, that is why this chipset will be the best choice for those who can afford to squander money. And maybe it is not only the chipset which is “guilty”.

The speed is moderate, though it officially not really supports DDR OEM supplied boards can be as bland as you like but the consumer enjoys a little extra. There is lots of space around the CPU socket so you can install larger heatsinks and the memory is readily accessible. A quick rundown of the test system before we have a discussion about the test results and then the results themselves. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: However, on the XPR choosing any other multiplier other than the default stopped the board from booting so the unlock made little difference.

Anything over without doing anything to the system indicates good performance.

Besides, the layout is not the best – positions of an FDD connector, of a power supply one and audio-ins can be an obstacle for an assembler. But isn’t it kwill to spend time on ALi? This may be the cause for our little hiccup since the BIOS may not know about the Samsung memory on the module.