Excellent article Sean, I noticed it was published a while ago. Eir is even worse, for example, Eir does not even have 3G coverage most of the way between Donegal and Ballybofey. Have to say that’s utterly ridiculous after spending that amount on the actual dongle and topping up loads during the first 8 months I had it your effectively penalising me as I haven’t used it in 6 months, glad I’m not with Meteor anymore, incredible. In this case, I suggest trying it forced in 3G mode. Despite sending them numerous screenshots including the above ping test, they insist that my connection is fine. My first thought was it might be similar to Imagine LTE with a fixed exterior antenna but you are probably right. Update 1st October

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Huawei E586 Modem locked to Meteor?

See this article modeem a traffic shaping democompared side-by-side with other networks. Obviously they wouldn’t be topping up at all – how does unlocking a device work when you’re a bill pay meteor internet customer?

For example, from my testing along various points between Kilcar and Letterkenny, I was surprised at the different speeds I got between Three and Vodafone. This can also be useful to swap a SIM back and forth between a router and a phone that require difference size SIM cards.

If you moden split the SIM apart, these pieces snap together again. I have googled and cannot find anything about FMS. It also maintains a speed test history.

They also recently seem to be hitting hard with traffic prioritisation and throttling in recent weeks. According to Vodafoneonce the connection drops at the usage limit, the customer can call Vodafone to extend the limit.


Moved obsolete iD Mobile section and Eir day plan advice to Archive. I see you mention meteor has a 30 day gb option. The speed test on the right was Monday evening about 8: However, I also have been in an area where mobile handsets work fine the Three network with both 3G and 4G, yet broadband devices are unable to register with the network with a Three Mobile broadband SIM.

The only remaining options I can think of would be to either tether from your mobile if you have a large data plan or the following option involving a Tesco Mobile phone SIM placed in your tablet.

Update 22nd March Eir owns the Meteor network, so it is no surprise that their Eir Mobile plans all operate on the Meteor network. What do you reckon, regards, JD.

Meteor Huawei Wifi Modem For Sale in Cavan, Cavan from STEFCHI1

The Bs also has a high resale value where the user can recover most of the cost if they go with a contract plan that includes a free or discounted router.

I plan posting more about these in a new article when I get time. It is Three that is providing the GB option. Prepay broadband customers that have a SIM card with the former Meteor branding are unaffected.

Largest 4G plans for home broadband in Ireland

After this, the user just needs to top up the SIM each 28 day cycle to keep the plan active. But now that the day deal has been discontinued what sim package would you recommend for a light or mteoe user? It appears that Three was traffic shaping in the UK also. Over this period inthe Three network was barely usable in the evenings along this route. I plan rerunning the download tests with TestMy at a later stage.


Unlike that unofficial method, Three will provide technical support and there is also a 14 day cooling off period when ordering the broadband package online. I went with VF GB, great speeds but I data cap means is not a feasible service for a family connection. Thanks for the info.

Meteor Usb Modem For Sale in Dublin 2, Dublin from peibol

Vodafone Vodafone has by far the most widespread 4G coverage in Ireland and even has 3G in many areas not covered by any other network. Unfortunately, I had no luck finding out what type of wireless network they use, let alone the sector capacity. Better signal readings, more consistent throughput and no more drop-outs.

When my day pass expired on me, it initially brought up the webpage to say that my pass expired and then the signal disappeared.

They operate out of the UK based on speaking with someone who had to contact their technical support. Do you have any advise about this and if TP links can be used with mobile broadband to extend coverage?